Can You Hit a Pickleball With Your Hand?

Every sport, including pickleball, requires all participants to follow some rules. These rules exist to keep the game fair and structured. Following the rules also helps maintain the sport’s etiquette, ensuring that all players respect each other and the game.

If you have just started playing pickleball, you must wonder if it’s allowed to hit the ball with your hand?

It is against pickleball rules to hit the ball with your hand. However, if the ball comes in contact with your paddle hand below the wrist (like your finger or thumb) while you’re holding the paddle, then it’s not considered a fault.

In pickleball, it’s a fault if the ball hits any part of the body, including any part of your paddle hand above the wrist, such as your forearm. Additionally, the ball may not come into contact with anything you’re wearing.

It’s essential to be mindful of this rule so that everyone can have a fun and fair game. You also must remember that if it happens, you lose the rally. So, let’s find out more about this rule and how you can avoid hitting the ball with your hand.

Can You Hit a Pickleball With Your Hand?

Why is it Not Allowed to Hit the Pickleball With Your Hand?

Hitting the ball over the net to your opponent’s court is an essential part of playing pickleball. To execute it successfully, it is important to use a solid-faced paddle to hit the ball. This will ensure that the ball will go over the net properly and reach the other court.

In pickleball, you are not allowed to use your hand to hit the ball. Not only will it result in a fault, but it will also cause the ball to slow down and end up not having enough power to go over the net properly.

If you make a mistake and hit the ball with your hand, it’s important to call a fault on yourself to ensure a fair game. 

It’s important to remember that it’s not a fault if your paddle hand comes in contact with the ball below the wrist. This is true, provided your hand was still holding the paddle when you hit the ball. The part below your wrist comprises your fingers, thumb, and palm. And the part above your wrist comprises your forearm.

It is also considered a fault in pickleball if you catch the ball in mid-air, claiming that it was about to go out of bounds. You must allow the ball to bounce on the court, regardless of its speed and power. If it goes out of bounds, the team that hit the ball loses the rally.

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It is important to call a fault in pickleball even if nobody notices it. By calling a fault, you are being honest and demonstrating integrity, which is a cornerstone of any sport. So, if you have hit the ball with your hand, you must call it a fault.

How to Avoid Hitting the Pickleball With Your Hand?

Having the correct grip on the paddle is essential for making sure the ball hits the face of the paddle. There are three ways to grip a paddle. The first way to hold a paddle is to grab it like a hammer. Just like you will grab a hammer by making a fist of your hand, the same technique can be used to hold your pickleball paddle.

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The second technique is to hold it in such a way as if you were swatting a fly. Lastly, the third way to hold a paddle is to grip it in front of you as if you’re shaking hands with someone. Some people feel more comfortable with any of these grips, and others are able to play with any grip.

You can change your grip depending on whether you’re going to play a backhand or a forehand shot. If you don’t adjust your grip, you may end up hitting the ball with your hand. However, for hitting volleys, you may need more time to change your grip. In such a situation, it is recommended to keep holding the paddle as you are, but try not to have the ball hit your forearm.

Remember, each grip has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. With practice and patience, you can determine which type of grip you’re most comfortable with.

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Another thing to remember is to hold the paddle firmly but not too tightly while hitting the ball. Once the ball makes contact, you should feel the vibrations of the ball hit the paddle. If you are holding the paddle correctly, you should have no problem making sure your shots are accurate and powerful.

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