Ace the Game: Best Shoes for Pickleball Players

Wearing the right shoes for any type of sport or workout is important so you can walk and run around effortlessly. The right pair of shoes will also help you avoid injury and play comfortably for hours.

For playing pickleball, it is recommended to find shoes that offer the right support and cushioning. You also need to wear shoes that provide enough traction to avoid slipping and hurting yourself on the court.

While it’s possible to play pickleball wearing your regular sneakers, it is not recommended to wear running shoes. These shoes are designed for forward motion and do not usually offer the required stability and cushioning around the ankle.

If you go the extra mile and choose the best pickleball shoes for yourself, you won’t regret your choice. These shoes will be comfortable and supportive and make it easy for you to concentrate on your game and come out victorious.

In this article, we will look at the features you need in the best shoes for pickleball and a few points to consider if you’re looking for outdoor or indoor shoes.

Best Shoes for Pickleball

Features to Look for in the Best Shoes for Pickleball

There is no shortage of shoes when it comes to athletic shoes designed especially for playing sports like tennis and pickleball. However, there are a few extra features you should look for in your new shoes for playing pickleball, in addition to durability and affordability.

You also need to keep in mind if you’re going to play the sport indoors or outdoors. For playing on indoor wooden or tiled floors, you would require non-marking shoes but ones that also offer good traction and stability.

Let’s look at all the features you must look for in your new shoes and see which pickleball shoes best fit each category.


Things that contribute to a shoe’s overall comfort level are its material, its fit, and the support it offers. Try to find shoes made from flexible materials that allow you to move freely. Air-injected rubber for the outsole and a good-quality EVA midsole will offer the best combination in terms of flexibility and comfort.

Another important factor in determining the comfort of a shoe is the fit. The shoe should be snug but not too tight. It should also be comfortable around the heel and ankle. Try it on and ensure it does not rub or chafe against your foot.

Another thing that affects a shoe’s comfort level is cushioning. The thickness of the material under the midsole defines the cushioning a running shoe offers. Some people feel more comfortable with maximum cushioning, while others may not need a lot of cushioning under their feet.

K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes are the best pickleball shoes in terms of comfort and flexibility. They are also great for excessive toe-dragging and come with a unique moisture management system for added breathability and comfort.


Breathable materials keep your feet cool and dry throughout the game. In addition, the shoe must offer good ventilation to allow air to circulate and sweat to evaporate quickly. You should look for mesh, synthetic leather, and microfiber materials. All these are breathable materials and prevent the build-up of sweat.

The winner in this category is none other than the WILSON Men’s Rush Pro Ace Pickleball Shoe. The upper is constructed from a high-quality breathable mesh, which offers unmatched ventilation as well as support. The shoe has also been found to be extremely comfortable and long-lasting.    


Several features make a running shoe stable and easy to wear. Make sure that the shoe’s arch provides support for your foot as it strikes the ground. The cushioning should absorb the impact of your foot strike and protect your feet from the hard surface.

And finally, the shoe’s stability features should help keep your foot in a neutral position and prevent it from rolling inward or outward. Make sure to look for shoes that offer support around the heel area in order to achieve the desired level of stability.

Again, WILSON Men’s Rush Pro is a great choice if you want excellent traction and stability, particularly on hard courts. However, in the women’s category Fila Women’s Volley Zone Pickleball Shoes is not a bad choice either, especially when it comes to extra stability and comfort.

Shock Absorbing

Shock absorption is particularly important when playing pickleball on an outdoor court. The prolonged impact on hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt can damage your feet. If your shoes have shock-absorbing properties, they will effectively displace the kinetic energy and protect your feet, knees, and ankles.

Modern running shoes are constructed using shock-dispersing materials, such as EVA, rubber, and silicone. However, finding the best shock-absorbing shoes for pickleball can get tricky because of so many options available on the market.

While many brands offer state-of-the-art cushioning technology in their shoes, ASICS takes the lead in the best GEL cushioning for effective shock absorption and protection against injuries.

Check out ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 10 Volleyball Shoes if you’re looking for the best indoor pickleball shoes with excellent cushioning. It comes with the GEL technology cushioning unit in the heel that provides exceptional shock absorption to many players.


Nobody wants to wear heavy and bulky shoes while playing pickleball and similar sports because of all the running and walking on the court. If you carry less weight on your feet, you can save more energy for hand movements and improve performance. Try to find shoes that weigh less than 250 grams to run faster with less effort while playing pickleball.

Suppose you’re willing to spend some money on your new pickleball shoes. In that case, we recommend getting HOKA ONE Mach 5 Women’s Shoes to experience the ultimate comfort and resilience characteristic of lightweight branded shoes. The best thing about this shoe is that it can be used for many different sports and workouts, including tempo runs and faster interval workouts.

Another choice in this category is Python Men’s Deluxe Outdoor Pickleball Shoes. These shoes are not only lightweight but also non-marking and hence perfect for a variety of courts. However, they have been reported to run small, so try to get one size up for comfort and ease of use.   


Since many people play pickleball just for fun, they would want a pair of multi-purpose shoes that they could also wear to work, in the house, or while driving or doing errands. Skechers Women’s Viper Pickleball Shoes is the best choice in this category. It features the characteristic Skechers’ arch fit insole cushion for added comfort and support.

ASICS Men’s Solution Speed FlyteFoam 2 Tennis Shoe is another choice when it comes to offering multi-purpose functionality. This shoe features FlyteFoam technology in the midsole, providing lightweight cushioning and support. The outsole of this shoe is made from durable rubber and provides good traction on the court.  


The style of the pickleball shoe is an important factor for some people, especially women. Pickleball shoes come in a variety of styles, from low-top to high-top. Low-top shoes are typically lighter and provide more flexibility, while high-top tennis shoes offer more support and stability. Ultimately, the style of pickleball shoes you choose should be based on your personal preference and the type of game you play.

Adidas Women’s Avacourt Tennis Shoe is stylish and comes with a lightweight and breathable mesh upper to enjoy the game thoroughly. This pickleball shoe is also recommended for people with wide feet and bunions.  

ASICS Women’s NOVABLAST 3 Running Shoe is another choice if the style is your top priority. These shoes are expensive but worth every penny because of the excellent features they come equipped with. They are perfect for multiple sports and running, from lightweight impact absorption to ultimate support and cushioning.


Last but not least, affordability is one important factor for many people out there. Since modern running shoes by renowned brands are usually quite pricey, this is where a little more research is required. We have shortlisted two best pickleball shoes in this category. The first one is ASICS Women’s Gel-Renma Pickleball Shoe, which is not just reasonably priced, but also quite durable and stylish.

These shoes are also suitable for indoor wood floors, designed as court shoes. However, they may not offer the same comfort level for wide feet because of a small toe box.

Fila Double Bounce 3 Men’s Pickleball Shoes have been designed for extra comfort and stability while playing pickleball. They come with a toe cap for added durability, and their versatile construction makes them suitable for different athletic activities.

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