What to Wear While Playing Pickleball?

When choosing what to wear while playing any sport, which includes pickleball, comfort is key. You want to wear clothing that you can move around in easily. Moreover, choosing breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics is recommended, as you will be sweating a lot.

There is no dress code for playing pickleball. However, it’s best to avoid clothing that is too loose or tight. You also want to avoid clothing with too many layers, as you will be moving around a lot, and you don’t want to overheat.

Since pickleball is similar to tennis and badminton in many aspects, people usually choose the same type of sportswear for this game. These may include athletic shorts for men, skirts for women, or sweatshirts with t-shirts.

Wearing appropriate clothing is crucial to pull off your best performance. So, let’s find out your options in choosing apparel and footwear for playing pickleball.

What to Wear While Playing Pickleball?

What to Wear While Playing Pickleball Indoor

One of the best things about pickleball is that it is not a seasonal sport. So, you can play it indoors and outdoors regardless of the temperature or weather.

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However, for playing on an indoor court, you need to choose appropriate clothing so as not to sweat a lot. There is no need to layer up even if the weather is cold. You will be running and walking quite a bit, so it’s highly unlikely that you will feel cold.

Sleeveless tops or t-shirts are common among women, but make sure you choose a shirt with a seam in front of the shoulder. This allows for unrestricted motion of the arm. When choosing bottoms to play pickleball indoors, go for ones with an adjustable drawstring.

A polo shirt or a basketball t-shirt can be a good choice for men. Pair it up with a pair of sweatpants of your choice. Some men also choose fleece training pants when playing pickleball indoors and outdoors. Don’t forget to wear comfortable undergarments and moisture-wicking socks to avoid smelly feet after the game.

In short, you can choose any type of sportswear made from breathable materials, such as cotton or linen, to play pickleball indoors. Avoid sportswear made from synthetic materials such as polyester, as these can make you feel hot and sweaty on an indoor court.

What to Wear While Playing Pickleball Outdoor

When playing pickleball outdoors, it is important to dress appropriately to be comfortable and avoid injury and damage from the sun. Loose-fitting sportswear, especially during summer, is a good choice for outdoor courts because it is not very constricting. But avoid wearing too loose or baggy clothing because it can get windy outside.

In addition, it is important to wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin from the sun. Another important accessory for both men and women to get added protection from harmful UV rays is sun sleeves. These sleeves extend from your hand up to the mid-bicep and come with thumb holes and silicone grippers.

If the weather is chilly, you should keep a beanie or a scarf and gloves in your bag when playing pickleball. Additionally, it is recommended to choose form-fitted full-length leggings to stay warm and comfortable.

While men can choose woven shorts for playing outdoors, women can go for capris or pants. It is also good to wear a 1-piece outfit made of performance fabric, allowing you to move freely. Women must also wear a supportive sports bra underneath their clothing to feel more comfortable while playing.

As a general rule, you should choose stretchable and breathable sportswear for playing pickleball outdoors. Make sure the leggings you choose come with a high-rise waistband and flat seams for added support and coverage. Also, if the weather is unpredictable, it’s always best to bring a jacket that protects against wind and rain.

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Don’t forget to carry your outdoor accessories, such as a cap and a pair of sunglasses. It is a good idea to go for sunglasses that offer anti-fogging ventilation or polarized lenses. This will help reduce the glare and allow you to concentrate on your game.

Do I need Special Shoes for Pickleball?

While it’s not a rule to wear special shoes for playing pickleball, it is important to choose appropriate footwear as there will be a lot of walking and running. Moreover, you must wear different shoes on indoor and outdoor courts. So, let’s find out what you need in this regard.

You would want to avoid shoes that are too slippery, as you could end up falling on an indoor court. For outdoor courts, tennis shoes or other court shoes are a good choice as they are not only comfortable but are also lightweight and durable.

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It is also important to find shoes that fit properly. We often do away with a slight error in sizing regarding other types of shoes. But it comes to sports, and even a small sizing error can go a long way in causing discomfort and pain.

Avoid wearing open-toed shoes or sandals on an outdoor pickleball court, as these can leave your feet vulnerable to injury. Instead, opt for closed-toe shoes or sneakers that provide support and cushioning. Additionally, it is important to choose shoes that have non-slip soles to help prevent slips and falls.

You can wear any running or jogging shoes for playing pickleball outdoors. Just make sure they fit properly and are lightweight and comfortable.

And finally, if you’re playing on an indoor court, choose footwear that is non-marking. This is important because you wouldn’t want to damage the indoor court. These shoes have a minimal pattern on the outsole and no cleats or hard soles.

In order to check if your shoes are non-marking, you can rub the sole against a white piece of paper and see if it leaves a scuff mark. If it does, it might not be suitable to wear on an indoor pickleball court.

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